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          Jonathan Cooper is more than an accomplished pianist. His sense of humor, love for the Lord, his surprises on stage leave all pleased and wanting more. His talent is undoubtedly God-given. 

Hey there! So glad you stopped by!
I have had Piano Man’s Praise Productions for a while but I have never announced that I am hitting the road full time to tickle the ivories! (Well plastic nowadays.)
I have been playing the piano with both hands, since I was a legally blind 6-year old.
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In the television studio performing

What Jonathan Cooper Can Do:

Over 25 Years Experience

Jonathan's Fingers have been tickling ivory for over 25 years in multiple arrangements since he was 6 years old.

Tuning Available!

If it's too bad to play he is also a professional tuner that can make your piano really sing and bring a smile.

Full Time Artist

Have fingers will travel! Jonathan Cooper travels all over the USA to present his abilities that outshine anything you have ever heard.