Piano sounding sad?

 Tuning is not only something we can do and enjoy but is something we have been doing for years! 

We are a Christian owned and operated piano tuning and repair business with over Twenty years of experience.  

Here at piano Mans Praise Productions we are not only concerned about the happiness of our customers, but we are concerned about how we tune, maintenance, and play the pianos that are sent our way.

We want you to know that we strive to bring you the best tuning you have ever received, and the best repair experience in the business.

Here at Piano Mans Praise Productions it is not just another piano, not just another tuning, its your piano treated like it belongs to us.

Tunings cost 140.00

Repair Costs Vary.

 Hourly Charge 50.00

75.00 service charge

(only applies if we come and can't tune or fix the problem)

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Less than 2 hours and your piano will change!


Special stretch tuning, we make sure the strings are perfect pitch with our technique.


Affordable in the Kansas City Missouri areas

Specializing in piano tuning and repair


       Piano Mans Praise Productions has been working, tuning, and playing pianos for over fifteen years.

         Our goal is to produce a top quality visit and top quality services that not only earn the trust of our customers but make their experience one that they will enjoy over and over for many years to come.

        With hands on technical training we strive to bring you and your piano the quality of service you both deserve.

Only tune once or twice a year

Make sure that your piano is a good one, we do more than tuning! We can repair too and make her shine again.

It doesn't take us very long to tune it but we will give you advice that will keep your tune in tip top shape as long as possible!

Tip 1: Keep your piano away from an outside wall, or any air vents. Heat and cold, causes the piano to go out of tune a lot faster!

Tip 2 If you are going to move the piano try to that before the tuning is scheduled. It's easier on you and the piano. Sounds basic but many forget.

Piano Man's Praise
We do more than play!